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Alinor Group is a building company that specialises in development and construction.

Experienced in medium density project to single units renown for a high level of service with a guarantee on every project to be managed and built within the deadlines and to high standards.

We meet all our clients’ needs through outstanding communication, coordinating a team of highly skilled tradesman and applying the best workplace practice at each of our construction site.

How we work:

  • Your vision turned into reality – any idea that you or your designer can come up with we can build it.
  • Fast solutions to problems. – We solve problems fast to keep the project moving, which keeps our price down and your job on time.
  • High quality standards. – Our checklist makes sure nothing is missed when completing your home or renovation. This checklist also demand a high quality finish so our work is always completed to an amazing standard.
  • High safety standards. –Our employees are trained with all the up to date safety information and practices and our jobs always comply with worksafe.
  • Licenced and insured. – All our works are insured and licenced to australian regulations and standards.
  • Clean and organised work environments. – All our sites are kept clean and tidy which helps to keep the project moving forward without loss of time from lost items and messy work areas.
  • Fully-trained and competent team. – All our employees and subcontractors undergo rigorous recruitment and training processes to ensure all our work is kept to consistant high standards.



Safety and complying with OH&S is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.

Perfecting the Build

Meeting all client needs and coordinating highly skilled tradesmen to perfect a quality build within all guide lines and time schedules.


Alinor Groups commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

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